love letter to self, #8 of 35

Love is like this, you see. you give, you rejoice, you give even more. you learn a ton of lessons, you shed old stories and then you live out new ones. you become stronger than you were before the last love. and then you give some more.

then one day comes when it is time to say good bye, thank you. and you walk away having grown a bigger heart, more capacity to love yourself, and a willingness to forgive oneself and the other for the loss.

you learn to love yourself close. just like you like. and this feeling of closeness with self, heals the gaps you felt as you walked away from the last love.

and this here is how you begin a new chapter. this is Love for me right now. showing up at my door step, longing for me to welcome its Spring. release the winter felt, the feeling of your lover not being satisfied with you. you forgive, i forgive, and we shed yet another layer. (originally published 3/13/2018)

welcome Spring.

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