i am a writer. i document my stories in journals, loose papers, sticky notes, and my audio recorder. writing has served as my saving grace for 22 years. i began by writing my grandfather letters and with a personal journal given to me by my 7th grade teacher. since then, the pen has liberated me from my own demons, fears, and melancholy. 

soy yo

Contact: aguadulcehealing@gmail.com

Guadalupe Rocio Chavez, MA Clinical Psychology is a therapist, medicine maker, and urban gardener. She also prides herself in being a momma to a beautiful 4 year old fairy. She believes in her healing practice closely being connected to Healing Justice and Liberation Movements.

Guadalupe has been studying flower&plant medicine since her work study began with her Elder and friend Queen Hollins at the Earthlodge Center for Healing and Transformation in Long Beach. Guadalupe understands the need to bring her private practice to folks healing at the intersections of oppressions. Her vision is to assist others in connecting to Pachamama’s Abundance; becoming more in touch with their intuition and path. Sessions with Guadalupe consist of platica’s (1-1 therapy sessions), oracle card readings, and medicine making.

This year Guadalupe will focus her practice on medicine making with community. We are our greatest healers and Mother Earth provides us with the medicine we need to use in our healing. Medicine making can range from herb and flower bundle making (used for teas, protection, dreams), beading (making your own sacred jewelry), Crystal work, spritzers, oils, and cordials. Medicine we make together can be useful in self grounding rituals, connecting to your Spirit Guides and animal totems, and clearing the path for new possibilities to arise.

All POC folk in need of support through any type of transition (new parents, surgeries, relationships, work, partnerships, family, grieving, etc) are encouraged to contact Guadalupe for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the possibilities of working together.


5 thoughts on “Yo|Me

  1. luciernaga

    looks like you’re finding your voice in ants, in pictures, in skies, in bicycle seats, in others’ writings, in reflective silence… que rico…

  2. Karla Gomez

    Hello, I read your post on misconceptions of poly, open, or otherwise non-monogomous relationships. I would like to forward this to a friend. Can you please provide me with the password. I thought it was well written and I would like to expand more on this topic. Thank you!

    1. empezo a volar

      hi Karla, thanks for your comment and interest in the post on poly relationships. i would love to fwd it to you. where should i send it? xo

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