roses are for you, beloved Queen.

i walked into your garden today. i met with your plants, the ones who take care of you.

the roses began to perk up, become brighter, wanted to get acknowledged for their work.

oh, my beautiful beloved, Queen. they came here to you. seeking to love up on you, protect you, and remind you that it is okay to take care of yourself, to put boundaries where they are needed. you who never closes the door on anyone. you who loves until your tears become blood. my dear one, fierce one, powerful one- the roses came to take care of you. they will take on what doesn’t serve you because they are brave like no other. they will not shy away from standing up for you, prickling those who do not know how to harvest with you. their brightness will cheer you, their petals will feed your soul, brew them daily for your nourishment.

as i left your garden today, i turned to your rose protectors, the lions and cheetahs and panthers. i bowed my crown to them in honor and awe of their commitment to you. they clear path for you to step deeper into your journey. they will come knocking when you least expect it. oh beloved Queen, hear their calling, make offerings to them for they will return your love 100x to the moon and back. they are here for you. they Lift your visions. be still with them, listen to their song. use them as your crutch whenever you feel tired.

these roses and you, are One.

-Written in thought and gratitude for my Elder and friend, Queen. Shine your Light, you are Protected.-


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