to love and be loved

i love love love to share music on this blog. tonight the song that is uplifting me makes me feel free, reminds me of the freedom in love, in Spirit, in healing self and other.

Shelter- Tomi Townsend

i have been struggling with keeping anxiety and depression at bay. con las cosas que estan pasando en nuestro mundo it is becoming increasingly challenging for me to get out of bed. world, national, and local news are hard to hear. not hearing the news is also hard, i don’t like to hear news from other people in the middle of a conversation or a work meeting. sometimes the hit is harder that way. i need to know what we are up against. i need to know how Big my prayers need to be that day. i need to know where my steps will take me, who i will need to connect with, love, and heal with that much more commitment.

this song reminds me to pray and to pray hard. to love and to love hard.


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