healing hearts

you came to me in the summer time. summers for me often are, of Love.

finding Love, sharing Love, immersing in Love each time as if i had never Loved before.

no sabia que llegarîas. had no idea you were on your way.

with curiosity in our eyes, we said yes to a dead prez concert.

i saw you looking at me, those big Aries eyes saying everything you did not want me to know. my lion heart could taste your lips, i got hungry. hungry to know you.

we danced, shared gazes under the stars, out in the open. for that moment we were free. free of the heart break we both carried back then. our meeting freed us.

soon after i asked you to ask yourself if you were ready for what i had to offer. your Capricorn self took your time to feel about it. you read your cards, did your magic, offered your tears to your Ancestors.

you came back to me after a week in New York with a, Yes.

my Spirit celebrated. i took you to the Mother’s where i have done a lot of my healing and breaking of old cycles. a pit filled with ashes of wishes and traumas transformed.

we prayed.

i remember looking at you as my Eagle wings brushed your body. the healer in me saw the healer in you and Breathed. i recalled a time before before. memories of forest, fire, and ceremony. you taking care of your community, me taking care of mine. we met at hill tops, communicated through body gestures and eyes, only.

these memories reminded me i was safe here. i could learn here. i could heal here. we could be free here.

i prayed to Esu, asked for guidance, received directives. i was told to go forward with you. and we have.

our work, our Love Labors grounded in the Knowing  that we must give to ourselves and to Mother Earth in order to Be Free- is what grounds our Connection. here i have learned to deepen my commitment to my path as a caretaker and protector of our first Mother. here i have learned to take my lessons learned, reflect on them without shame, and change behaviors. here i have learned to give the Love i want to receive.

with a basket full of gratitude, i offer our feet colorful flowers. i thank our Ancestors for our crossing. and look at you and treat you as my mirror. we learn to speak gently to ourselves so that we can speak gently to each other. we learn to take back our voices, our visions, Reclaim what is most precious to us- our ability to connect to ourselves, Mother Earth, and each other.

with our arms and hearts open wide, we serve as companions, friends, Lovers, the wind beneath and around our wings. we sing each others freedom songs, encourage Courage even when it is hard to do. we remember that we meet on a beautiful Bridge, that we create home Here, and that we deserve this Home.




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