the rebirth of destroyed dreams

we were talking about parenting. parenting of children in this age, in this time when transwomen are being massacred in front of us, thousands of immigrants dying at the hands of state violence, walls that need to be torn down. Black and Brown folk being shot like flies swatted on hot summer days. down one, down two. and there goes another one. poverty and unemployment, strategies to keep folks’ Spirits asleep, numbed out, disconnected from our Purposes. these systems think they have outsmarted us. oh, but they don’t know about the Power of|in Our Resilience…how we wake early to prepare for the days, pray to our Ancestors|Trancestors for Strength, dance at sunrise to welcome Sun, Air, Water, and Fire. they don’t understand how my heartache is transformed into a sword to cut through the barbed wire they impose but cannot maintain. how the Heart|Spirit led conversations, create more life in|within us than they can ever reach. we are a Strong Breed, our hunger for Freedom is unstoppable, the fire in us called Tubman, the strategies a mezcla of La Malinche & Lorde, at the borderlands of insanity and our own Realities.

at the intersections is where we live. we meet intercambiando ideas and stories, shed tears of longing for places that exist only in our hearts and in the exchange of love through bodies, smiles, stares, and the recognition that we have been here before.

if parents are the first dream killers, then i will make sure to unlock the parts of me that knows to follow my breathe, slow down. our children deserve better, they are here to remind us of the world that exists when we follow their lead. when we don’t enforce our idea of what is normal or not normal onto them. such a violent process and we are moving to quick to even notice it.

“en honor de mis sueños destruidos…in honor of my destroyed dreams, i will fight that fight. i don’t know who i would have been if i would have been born 15 years later than i was or in a different country.” they said.

my heart looked into theirs and said, YES, yes to all that courage to defend our ancestors returned, to make room for their freedom and in the process get FREED ourselves.

i can’t imagine something stronger than the Rebirth of our destroyed dreams. those lessons learned and that Future in mind. they got nothing on us, nothing.


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