Agua Dulce’s Chingona List

Inspired by Sandra Cisneros:

1. Spend time with magic baby.

2. Be disciplined with my time. Accomplish what i say i will accomplish in a timely manner.

3. Spend time with Self. Write. Create. Be. Meditate. Heal. Actively Love.

4. Listen to myself, my body, mind, heart, and Spirit know what’s up and what I need.

5. Know my limits, when to stop and when to keep trying.

6. Life is ceremony. Make time for it.

7. Fall in love over and over again. Each time allowing for a deeper connection of hearts, Spirits, and minds.

8. Stay Calm. Breathe deep. Be present.

9. Be true to myself even if that means I need to change my path many times before finding the road I want to walk on.

10. When I cleanse Spiritually, I heal, I become transparent.

11. Ask for forgiveness when it’s due.

12. Don’t try to live by others expectations of what motherhood should look like. Especially not around what type of relationship you should have with your child.

13. Walk away. Close the door. End the chapter as needed for self care and self respect reasons.

14. Dig deeper. There are more ghosts to peel off. Recognize the hurts I’ve survived. Mourn and work through them, one by one.

15. It is time to show up for myself.


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