love poem series continues here

inspiration found.

in song. in past lovers and friends reunited for healing moments passing.

inspiration found in my child’s smile, every morning as she stares at me, shining her 4 teeth, waiting for me to open mis ojos. the eyes that see her like no one else sees her.

inspiration found in the understanding that unconditional love has many faces and there is no perfection ever found because love isn’t perfect.

inspiration found in books, readings shared with fellow comrades, healing warriors.

inspiration found in the resistance i feel inside my heart that connects me to movements all around the world, luchando. fighting for a better tomorrow because a new world is possible.

inspiration found in relationships shifting, growing, becoming more than ever imagined. in co-parenting with star ramona, mama luna.

inspiration found in lover who has decided it is time to change her life. love herself differently, for the betterment of all. addictions shed, realness in the mirror and she stares so she can learn who she really is.

inspiration found in star gazing, looking side to side, my Council at my shoulders whispering wisdom that reminds me…slow down ague dulce, you got a ways to go. respira. breathe so that you can feel every step on this search, on this earth. I hear you speak.

inspiration found in my journey that has led me to meet such amazing folk, family. grateful and in love with all of this that surrounds me. lessons and losses. longings. and i continue to walk because my life depends on me. las Abuelas no longer waiting to share their truth and messages. they come in dreams, in wake time, in my writing, in meditation, in my child’s eyes. i am awake. i am ready.



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