time passing, past, here

it has been busy, a good busy. lots of healing, letting go, and breathing.

discovering the folks that walk with me, realizing they carry my burdens with me, whispering wisdom in my ears.

no longer being able to ignore the Council of Grandmothers that sit at my shoulders, i feel lighter, more focused and walking in action.

claiming the freed self i freed.

this coming weekend/week is gonna be filled with pride and celebration for my friend and my younger brother who both are completing their undergraduate work. baby and me are taking our first trip together to see these two young folks follow their dreams. looking forward to a short flight 🙂 i hope she likes it.

grateful for so much right now. in my heart grows a mothers love, magical, peaceful, and light. in love with community and family that support me and her as we learn to fly together. praying for my brother who was transferred out of state. longing for justice, ready to keep in the struggle, movement. over all- just feeling solid.

thank you, thank you.




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