gratitude list

*for the veggie box we get every week. we had to cut it off our budget for a couple of months but it’s back and i am very very happy about this. locally grown food at our door step 🙂

*Ollin’s poop. she hadn’t pooped in a few days and tonight it happened as i was holding her in the back of the car while d drove us home after a long work day.

*the meeting tonight in preparation for a Neighborhood Council meeting where tenants and neighbors are organizing in support of a redevelopment project. we need their support in order to push this affordable housing project forward. people showed up that i was not expecting. and for this i am excited. so much organizing potential!

*family and friends that show abundant support to me and my family. no words to describe my gratitude for each one of them in my/our life.

*coming back to writing. this is one of the most delicious of meals. i want to marinate in the feeling i get when i write out what is going on inside.


**the Coalition work i do with an amazing bad-ass group of queer folk organizing against violence…starting with the violence that prisons bring to our communities lives.

**paid work i care about with a team that i love.

**and baby busyness that is the most satisfying of them all.

and lastly grateful for:

*my own heart that teaches me to be patient with myself and the ones that i love.


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