she turns 6 months soon

what a blessing my ollin sage coyote is.

today i broke my own agreement…i decided to finally post photos on social media networks…i could’nt help it. i took a photo of her yesterday that melted my heart and eyes, so i posted it here, finally, too 🙂

well, the craziness of the last month has simmered down. in accordance to the Crown Chakra study of last friday’s Harvest Moon, i decided to pick up meditating again, in essence, to invite quietness back into my mind-space so i could think and see with the eagle’s eye. i also decided it is time i get back to ‘my’ non-existent but important yoga practice. to get back into my body, mind, and spirit space in a more consistent manner is something i crave. i get lost in this material world if i don’t feel grounded in my spiritual practice, pray and have an altar space, and meditate/yoga often…it’s a lot to ask for when there is a nearing 6 month year old who demands attention..but not an impossible task given that i have community support at my reach.

also in the works-

i am determined to make my work experience with Ollin a lot less stressful now that i have a computer and internet at home again, thank the universe(!) … the casita on w. 38th street seems to be coming along. the back room is still in transition, our good friend AuntieBoi will be moving in sometime 🙂 i am grateful for this new space we have, has brought so much joy and stability to my life- am grateful for this.

i want to name out loud  a couple of lessons i have learned as i began to reflect on the past month.

1. don’t forget my medicine. i am water, water am i. therefore, i am never stuck in any situation, relationship, job, thought…etc. etc…you get the point. i am a spiritual person and can call on Spirit to guide me when i feel overwhelmed. I need and desire to remember that i am not only of this world but i am also from Spirit world so this body can’t control everything…my heart’s desires…my spirit needs to guide my decisions too, not just the “now” but the “before” and “after” that i came from/am going to. (this leads to thoughts on what kind of parent i am/want to be..)

2. be true to oneself. gawd, this means a thousand things right now. i am determined to live free, love free…in the name of my baby and of my mother who was taught not to love freely. i am still in learning-mode. this i was reminded of, i don’t have all the answers nor did all my desires of pre-mommyhood all of a sudden disappear because i am a momma to a brilliant child! well, this leads me to the final lesson i will mention here…

3. yes, i know i am not perfect but i do desire to keep working on leaving behind shame and guilt and frankly, leave behind/shed/destroy/etc. anything and everything that no longer serves my greatest good. 


well, i have been on this Otis kick…so here is one of my All-Time favorite Otis Redding canciones…been remembering this song…


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