a break from the break

i miss writing so much, so much.

i write some. mostly escape journal entries that i sneak in late at night, exhausted from the days work but so eager to document life.

i am working full time as a momma and i take my baby to work with me to my office/organizing job..she comes door knocking with me and facilitates meetings about the importance of affordable housing with me. working for pay or not, she is the center of all my attention at all times. she is everything to me.

i hadn’t mentioned that our computer was stolen from our home about a month and half before we moved out. by the time we left my old neighborhood i was fed up with the disrespect. the computer wasn’t the reason why we left our comfortable long beach home but arriving to a new home in south los angeles felt refreshing. as most new beginnings do.

in long beach we have our spiritual community, our home at the Earthlodge for Transformation and Healing. but in Los Angeles we have our political community and our blood-ties as well as kinship in the making. I LOVE living in los angeles. i love living south of downtown where all my work has been focused on since 2005. i love living so close to the museums and train that connect me to most other parts of the county. i love the diversity of working class African immigrants, South and Central American immigrants, Mexicans, and the long time living here- Black Americans.

this diversity calls for attention. i have never lived nor worked in such a place where Somali, Arabic, Amharic, Spanish, and English are spoken on the daily on my street. There are many more languages here too, I just haven’g gotten to know all the neighbors around me yet.

i love that my Ollin Sage Coyote will grow up around such diversity. she is loved wherever she goes, folks offer her gifts and she gives them smiles and laughter in return. she is a true Leo’s daughter in the sense that she is super friendly and LOVEs attention. in fact, if she doesn’t get it, she makes sure she lets you know she wants it. and i can’t help it but step into my full Leo self either and enjoy the love and attention she gets.

i have had many wonderful moments in the past month. Ollin’s bio-papa came from Rio to meet her. and although the 3 parents had their adjustments to make to get used to the non-traditional family Ollin has created, we learned a lot from the experience. it seems so natural to me to have non-traditional family. i do not question it whatsoever. yet, in this material world that my Spirit currently resides in, things are not so simple. so needless to say, many conversations and transformations to come.

well, i think this is a good start to my writing homecoming. i have other work to do now, thankful for internet and a computer again.



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