we have the duty, unedited

“it is our duty to fight for our freedom.

it is our duty to win.

we must love each other and protect each other.

we have noting to lose but our chains.” -Assata Shakur

tonight i have the duty to write. not stay silent and demand to all corners of the world to WAKE UP and LISTEN…ACT.

last week a mother defending herself and her child from her husbands beating was found guilty of intending to kill him. she didn’t shoot him or at him. she shot a warning shot on the wall. hell if she wanted to kill him, she could have.

she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

tonight george zimmerman was found not guilty and “factually innocent” of killing Trayvon Martin. so who the hell killed this youngster if it was not the man who shot him?  this all happened in the same state, Florida.

i am disheartened. so pissed off and feeling like i wanna do the audre lorde (read her poem, POWER). not drastic at all and she probably wrote this poem after hearing some sh** like we are hearing tonight.

no self defense plea working for this Black mother. why? because she’s a Black woman in the United States.

for zimmerman his self defense plea worked, why? because who he killed was a young Black man. and in this country if that is your profile then you “technically and legally” are worth less than. we live in a fucked up society. laws are so warped that people can get away with shit that in REAL TRANSFORMATIVE Justice would never go without consequences. prisons across the country are filling up and it ain’t with non-Black and Brown people and poor people.

so what? zimmerman didn’t fit the “go to prison profile”? is that why he is being called innocent when it is OBVIOUS he is getting away with this horrific crime. or is this yet another horrible joke where once again Black people are being told that they are the 3/4 of a human that slavery declared them to be?

i’m ranting. and i don’t give a damn. i’m so tired of the humiliation that my communities have to go through, our people being killed in our faces daily and we can’t do nothing about it because it wouldn’t be considered, self fucking defense. but that is what it would be if i decided to take it upon myself to defend my people the way that Black people were hung on trees, are put in solitary confinement for 7+ years, or the way poor people are locked to financial death sentences leading to emotional and psychological dis-orders, etc. etc.



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