our desire to be free

“Our desire to be free has got to manifest itself in everything we are and do.”
-Assata Shakur

A Prayer-

my desire to be free will manifest itself in everything i am and do.

i commit to teach you, Ollin, about freedom. you were born free and i will show you this by living free myself.

we must tell others that the dreams we all have must be shared in art, protest, books, poetry, etc. etc. no dream deserves to live in dark rooms of silence, fear, repression. our ancestors paved the way so that we can walk free. we must do the same for our children, grandchildren, and their children.

we are surrounded by freedom fighters in your community Ollin. you have tios, tias, padrinos, and nana’s that each in their unique ways fight for their own freedom and that of all oppressed communities. listen to them when they speak to you. pay attention to what is being shared with you because you are surrounded by love. find in yourself the healer they see in you and thrive.

our desire to be free is so much stronger than tanks, guns, and the violence they bring to our communities world wide. our desire to be free will save us from the fears patriarchy, misogyny, imperialism force feed down our throats. just as Harriet Tubman’s desire to be free guided her out of enslavement, so shall ours guide us to our collective liberation.

ase o


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