summer solstice and full moon, honey moon

it’s been a whirlwind of busy here in long beach. i’ve been basking in and feeling inspired by the beautiful movimiento around the world, specifically Brasil and Turkey, and here in the U.S. with the work around foreclosures and against wellsfargo who owes too many many folks too much to name here now.

there has been some community accountability work recently. really challenging issues to look at, reflect on, things we want to dismantle here and now so that new legacies can arise in all of us. i gotta tell you, holding those we love accountable for their sh** isn’t easy. especially when people are not willing to hear or accept that there are things that are harming them and the community. things they don’t want to see because it would mean a total shift in how they view themselves. at the same time that we are attempting to hold folks accountable we are also even more importantly it seems, holding ourselves accountable to the values and principles we have put forth. the action is always harder than the words we put out.

with summer solstice being a few days ago and the full moon being tonight (along with the above mentioned) i feel that there is much to reflect on as we start a new moon cycle and season. what is coming up for me are questions around balance. ying and yang. feminine and masculine (and everything in between). balance around time spent doing what makes me happiest (working on my writing projects; connecting to Spirit and developing my healing practice; spending time with loved ones to create art and produce ideas of change; and spending time by the water, playing, teaching, and singing to Ollin.) how much time am i using up to do each of these things and is my time being used elsewhere and needs to be redirected?

tonight my responsibility in ceremony is the sweet water blessing. in my research and reflection on water, sweet water baths came to mind. how special and important it is to spend time soaked in water literally when we feel stuck in any way…water helping to “unstuck” us and reconnecting with flow/ the water within us that rejuvenates and brings life (literally) to our bodies.

ah, i want to keep going and going here but i must get ready.




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