speaking of second chances

i have been thinking a lot about the importance of following my intuition as a mother. with all the advice given sometimes it can get foggy but knowing to slow down, breathe, and get in touch with what i believe, desire, and know to be true is key in my parenting of Ollin.

she’s brought me closer to me. I’ve re-read over and over the Audre Lorde piece on the erotic as power as a tool, as scripture to follow. she discusses how patriarchy has stolen intuitions, women’s trust in themselves to know what is best for them. i love being a part of a culture and community of women who stand up proud knowing in their gut they know their truth and ain’t no one gonna convince them otherwise.

thank you Audre, bell, Gloria, Harriet, and all other mujeres who have led the way.

(in preparation for my interview tomorrow i’ve been watching restorative justice videos…this one in particular i enjoyed very much, the youth speaking up)

Restorative Justice in Oakland Unified School District


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