second chances

first of all i have to confess the obvious.

i am totally head over heals in love with Ollin Sage Coyote.

she is 2 months, 2 weeks old. weighing near 12 pounds. loves to laugh and smile when you enter the room, has a light spirit, and is so incredibly healthy i couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

i love love being her momma, her guide in this world. i learn so much from her about patience and slowing down and enjoying life WAAAYYYY more than a quick pace life allows.

all that said and felt, i decided to give myself a second chance….

i applied for the dream job that i had gotten at the beginning of last Fall but ended up having to leave because of too many disagreements in the way we work with youth…

so now i get the opportunity to show my work again at a different school, LAUSD gigantic school in E.L.A. where i grew up. i have my interview tomorrow and i am very excited to share who i am and why i believe i am the person for the job.

i hesitated in applying only because of my nena who needs me. we have gotten used to each other spending 24/7 together, learning and unlearning what works for both of us. for the past couple of days she and i have been talking about this job and why it is important i go for it. she gave me her blessing and with that i will walk in to the interview room with pride in all the work that got me to this moment of giving myself a second chance.

whether i get the job or not we will see but the important part is that i try. and if i don’t get the job, well then i get to stay with my baby for a longer period of time, full time without the stress of having to navigate work, mommy-hood, love, and life. either way i feel its a win-win situation for me and my family.

in other works i am planning the first dream session for the community center group- thrilled about this dream in the making. and in the works is a potential gig developing curriculum around organizing and the integration of mulicultural, multi-class, multi-racial groups, with a focus on guiding an organization through the transition of being a Latino organization to integrating Latino, African American, Black, and African decent members into the organization. Very exciting stuff!



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