freedom music

these 2 songs have been on repeat all week long. they’ve been the background music in my kitchen as the room fills with laughter among friends, sharing freedom dreams and visions of liberated babies being born.

feeling grounded, i’ve spent my days with the little one, learning each other. this morning we read a few books, some poetry, and information on dolphin medicine because they showed up to us at the beach a few days ago.

i’ve also started to work a little again. not much but integrating myself back into the healing practice I’m building slowly. the best thing is that since its my own practice, i get to make up the rules. so baby gets to stay around the house while i work. blessed be. I’m feeling gem-like. as if newness in the work is right around the corner and I’m about to turn to face it.

last night more words shared on the community center planning for south central/inglewood. absolutely delicious conversations that fill the soul. and best of all, Ollin Sage Coyote is witness to all of it.

enjoy the music 🙂


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