i miss writing, telling stories

so i give you the music i’ve been listening to as i navigate/learn how to be gentle with self and baby, others around too.

becoming a mommy takes up all my time. and i love every moment of it. and i also have needs to process challenges in not-so-public ways as blogs, facebooks, and twitters…family, the chosen family has become so crucial to my life now. building anew with people i love and respect to raise children who know Spirit, and their connectedness to the elements, and world. folks who want to re-create our world by building together spaces of healing, where babies can be raised, watching us adults be with each other and those in need of healthy spaces to heal from traumas of life.

we went to see an old church building for a possible purchase for community wellness space. the building is in need of a lot of reconstructing so we opted to keep looking. the good news (not so good news for the community) is that south central has many empty lots and buildings to look at for community use. we will keep our search growing.

we must live out our dreams.

anything by Chico Trujillo and Bonobo is listened to these days. and the didgeridoo instrument is a life saver, i listened to this during labor, takes me to deep meditation. music heals, calms, and makes life go round 🙂


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