why i write memoir

because i think everyone should.

so many people’s stories are shut down, silenced, erased and others’ are glorified and published.

all stories are important, carry magic in them. i listen to my brother tell his stories about the “inside”..men like him and not like him. men who don’t have addresses to come home to so they are left inside. men who he says are “lost souls”…he says this and then is silent for a moment.

yesterday he told me about the one time he cried inside. and that i was his angel who came and pulled him out of the hole he was about to lay in.

i write memoir because it heals to share the stories i carry in me. to say them out loud, get them out however they come with mistakes and all.

ollin reminds me to live up to my name. so i write her letters and share lessons that i hope one day aid her in her own walk. i dream BIG so that she can dream BIGGER.

i write memoir because i think everyone should have spaces where they can be themselves, truly with out the fear of judgment. i write so that my friends write. i write to show everyone whose ever been told, “your not a good writer” that they CAN write. that who ever told them that didn’t understand what was being shared. i write memoir to honor my mother whose story is untold.

i write memoir to savor memories, just as a photo does, only i attempt to capture images in words.

i write to remember.



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