the start of week 7

saturday we started week 7 of spirit baby on earth-land.

ollin sage coyote. healer, shapeshifter. ancestor returned. poem written, now living.

mommyhood is special. challenging. filled with lessons learned, never do that again, and that worked perfectly– moments. she is rose scent, almond oil rub on feet after bath time.

she cries out- we must take care of her not only physically but spiritually. guide her as gatekeepers and 2-spirited folks that we are. she said last night, don’t forget that mama- you must protect me.

took her to the prison for the first time to visit my brother. she did amazing, made him smile and laugh. she worked her magic and met many other children who visit abuelos, fathers, brothers, friends there too.

this one, ollin sage coyote, who many ask, is it a boy? and i smile and sometimes i say, sure. baby already breaking boundaries, cages, and laughing at peoples assumptions and need to categorize. ollin came here to bring peace as M’s spirit guide and elder Queen agreed.

d said, baby will do her magic, will do what she is meant to do here, whether folks around her are ready, is a different story, whether people will SEE her and be able to hold her in all of her healing self, we’ll see.

then there are those of us that understand that life is not just here in this earth but there is a spirit realm too. where we already saw what we’d live and are now here living. her alter must be set up soon, she is calling for us around her to guide her spirit as she navigates this material-physical world.


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