her name and week 6 documented

what her name means:

Ollin- in Nahuatl means movement. Olin also has African roots and means of the ancestors. We pronounce her name with one “L” although spelled with two. Some say that Ollin is a “boy” name…i thought long and hard about this. and decided to choose the name anyway because too often names with strong meanings are given to boys. besides in some cultures this name is gender neutral, which was preferred. and lastly, i fell in love with this name and feel strongly that this little creature in my arms combines the two meanings in her name: movement of the ancestors.

Sage- a wise woman, a healing herb, cleanser, opening of paths.

Coyote- (pronounced in Spanish preferably) a shapeshifter, a trickster who knows the importance of enjoying life while staying connected and grounded to their goals. Coyote’s are travelers with no boundaries, often helping to bridge worlds. Also known to cross people over (literally) across borders (man-made) but also spiritually, emotionally, or in other healing ways.

what she loves:

*the sound of Yemaya’s waters.

*sleeping/napping on chests, and sometimes with her head over a shoulder

*the ringing of bell swhile she gets her diaper changed

*being swaddled when overly tired, while being bounced on a yoga ball

*car rides

*bath time with momma d

*sleeping, waking up to look for her momma’s nipple (eyes closed), and finding it.

what she doesn’t like:

*slings and other carriers, she prefers arms, the touch of skin

*not finding her food source when she looks for it




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