today she turns 5 weeks

Ollin is 5 weeks today. i want to celebrate by filling the house with beautiful flowers, dance to cumbia in the kitchen, and make a feast of all my favorite foods. as my heart celebrates the glory of having helped bring this little creature to this world, it also weighs heavy as i was just informed by my $20,000-worth lawyer that the best deal he could get for my brother was NOT the one we wanted/prayed for/begged for.

so my little baby turns 5 weeks and my brother finds out he is gonna be locked up for a too-long time. we all know the lawyer could have done better, that is what bothers my brother and i the most. he could have and didn’t.

i want to celebrate Ollin’s anniversary. and i want to acknowledge that an injustice act has been decided upon, one that we have no control over because if he doesn’t take it, he will be looking at a trial that will most likely give him triple the years offered. it feels like he was was pinned up against a corner and he can’t say no to the offer. he’s cornered, and I’m witnessing unable to do anything to change the situation at this point.

happy 5th week chikita Ollin Sage Coyote, we love you.

stay strong Jerry, we are here with you.


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