some more thoughts on raising children in community

this summer Sage’s biological father will be visiting our family. he will meet the baby and we will discuss how he will be engaged/connected in her life from a distance. this visit brings excitement in many ways because i trust that we will figure out details together, his family and mine talking and prioritizing the baby’s well being.

Sage is surrounded by LOVE, support, and joy. friends and family all around the globe love this little creature. phone calls/emails from Guam, Japan, all over the States, and Brasil inquiring about how the baby  is doing and how they can support our family. she is a truly blessed child.

the community support we receive on the daily, makes real the value of raising her in community and not in isolation in a nuclear family setting. it is important for d and i that she be raised to feel accountable to others besides her immediate parents. that she learn that her life is interconnected to other people’s lives, that her actions impact others. i think the fact that she has 2 older brothers (1 in Japan, the other in Guam; 2 of my greatest friends have little boys under the age of 2 and consider themselves her older brothers) also helps support the idea that we are all a web of connections, of life, and of change waiting to be seen in our world. i briefly connected with M in Japan today and we exchanged an understanding of the mutual fear/thought of “how will i protect this little one from this world?”

we both know that we cannot protect them and that they too will learn to ride the waves of life. we will equip our children with the best tools we have and pray that they develop additional tools to navigate and enjoy this life despite the hardships one sometimes can not avoid.

it felt easing to my heart to hear her say what i was feeling…that I’m not alone in thinking about how to support and share these important tools and skills so our children can live beyond survival..and reach their full potentials.

these thoughts, i know are not mine only. so many other parents and caretakers have been through this as well. i mustn’t forget this…to just look outside my door and see the wealth of knowledge and experiences of other parents at my reach.

bueno, it’s time again to get some rest.




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