while i wait

this weekend i had contractions that didn’t go beyond becoming practice or preparation for labor. i have to be honest that i got super excited and then disappointed when they didn’t increase to active labor. by sunday night i had to remind myself that my head is not in control and that i have to let go of any hidden beliefs/ideas that I’m in control of this situation…labor that is. I’m completely NOT in control and my body and baby will decide when it’s time, not me or my impatience with wanting to meet baby already.

so i decided to take up a house cleaning project. between d and i we have 3 boxes of papers. articles from 10+ years that we have collected in classes we’ve taken, organizations we have been a part of, and research we’ve done on all our favorite topics and passions. we got ourselves a file cabinet and I’m determined to fill it up 🙂

as i organize the articles i find myself re-reading some of them. today i read a favorite of mine that i had to recommend. the title is: “Democracy, Community, and Care” by Johanna Brenner. The article is actually in the book, “Women and the Politics of Class”, which I’ve never read but am totally curious…

i want to come back and write more about this article, what it brings up for me, and why i appreciate it so much. but for now i wanted to make sure i mentioned it and marked it as an important reading when thinking about family, child rearing, and re-thinking what raising children in community can actually mean for my own growing family.



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