Happy Spring Equinox

hoy es el primer dia de la Primavera, with the start of Spring comes along some of my favorite things about living in L.A.:

1. warmer sun, it has been a cloudy, rainy, and chilly winter. all very much enjoyed and welcomed but am so grateful for warmer days and BRIGHT sun.

2. desert flowers soon to bloom. garden outside my long beach window is budding all sorts of greens, beans, tomatoes, and flowers. thrilled to see magical process of planting seeds and watching them grow as they are watered and loved on the daily.

3. warmer sun = more time outside = time spent with our ancestor mountains, trees, and momma ocean 😀

Spring Equinox is special not only because it is the beginning of a new season but also because it is symbolic of the changes and shifts we want to see in our own lives. with the budding of new seeds of flowers comes also the budding of our own new seeds of intentions, goals, and desires. Today and in the weeks to come is a time where we can ask ourselves if we are in balance in our own lives as the light and darkness of today share equal space, demanding we ask ourselves if we are ready for the changes required to also be in balance as is our Mother Earth.

As we begin the new season one of the questions that came to my mind to reflect more on both individually and in collectives of folks trusted, is: how do we prepare our communities for the type of change we would like to see? what implications does this have on my own life? on the new beginnings i am having as a mother of a spirit child who has much to share about where they come from in the ancestral realm. as i prepare myself and live as if this change has already happened and is happening, how do i also share with my different communities in south central los angeles and long beach about preparing and living out our future in the now. what types of education/conversations do WE need to be having about nutrition, politics, the abolishing of the prison industrial complex and the implementation of transformative  justice on multiple levels that directly addresses the ills caused by the strategic and sick society we live in that produces such unhealthy and unsafe ways of living. how do we teach accountability and responsibility to our youth, to ourselves, to our communities, and how do we hold governments and media accountable for the BS shoved down our throats about all the above mentioned things?

all the while that I’m thinking about these questions i have also welcomed in some new creative ideas into my life. ways of documenting baby’s first year of life on planet earth, honoring their own path. i recently started to read Anne Lamott’s “Operating Instructions, A Journal of My Son’s First Year,” and am really appreciating the way that she journaled nearly everyday from the day her baby was born. She didn’t write a lot, she wrote between 1 sentence to a few paragraphs, but she wrote and documented as often as she could. I love her writing style, was introduced to her years ago when I read, “Traveling Mercies, Some Thoughts on Faith”- still to this day a favorite book of mine. i want to get myself a special journal to do something similar for this baby (which by the way is totally chillin’ and not at all trying to come out of my belly…saw the mid-wife today).

in meditating with the Grandmother Owl medicine yesterday it also came to me that i have to stay connected to the creativity in which this baby was conceived in. i was in brasil learning and practicing Theatre of the Oppressed, writing, acting, creating art of all kinds, challenging myself in new ways that took me waaaay out of my comfort zone. how do i bring this into balance in my current life too? to start with i decided i would do a vision board to visualize what i want for baby and me this coming year. what kind of mother do i desire to be? what values do i want the baby to learn/be taught? what guidance will the baby need and how will i prepare myself for these new challenges and demands from a growing baby growing up in this society/state of the world with it’s current problems? and most importantly i mustn’t forget, the balancing of politics and spirituality and how i choose to live these out with baby.

i will end here for now, lots of questions on this Spring Equinox.



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LOVE these beats…new station on my Pandora: Afro Jazz (Live) Radio


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