some kind of wonderful

a friend of mine recently posted a gratitude list and i was inspired to do something similar for today’s post.

in no particular order my “appreciation” list:

*i spent the day with my friend G who is a kick ass revolutionary boi who inspires me oh so much. we ran errands, shared a yummy ceviche con tostadas meal, talked about everything under the sun, and walked the L.A. river band. moments before baby is here that must be documented.

*the baby shower a couple of weeks ago that my father came to. other than my sister, he was the only blood family present for the whole celebration. the laughter, community(s) coming together to celebrate baby, heart full.

*visiting with my older brother at men’s central jail last friday. we laughed and talked about books he was reading, and shared stories of life in a solitary cell.

*my birth center that works with our financial constraints and needs.

*the advocate that helped me get through to the social worker i never talk to…benefits are moving hopefully soon.

*the spiritual welcoming ceremony for baby this past sunday where were honored as parents and blessed by our community. owl and vulture medicine present. powerful and healing, ending of legacy’s of destruction, beginning of new cycles and celebrations.

*birth plan finally complete. doula’s are a pregnant women’s best friend.

*love i feel inside and all around me. thank you, thank you. supported by friends across state and country borders. love the interactions we have had in the last few months.



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