it’s that time again

today starts day 1 of a month long writers workshop with the Women’s Creative Collective for Change (WCC). this may be my 3rd year joining them in their call out for all women identified folks to dig a little deeper and WRITE! grateful for the space and the call out, i decided i would accept the challenge to write everyday during the month of February. entries can be any length and i can incorporate any type of media i feel called to. if your interested in joining the challenge (as it is a world wide call for anyone anywhere to join!) feel free to visit the WCC website and read the simple instructions on how to join 🙂

preparing for this months writing journey, i started to look back into my own writing her/story. i noticed several repeating themes worth noting. i tend to write a lot of personal entries, things about my life, struggles i have in relationship with family, work, myself. i also write often about events connected to larger social movements, people and things that bring me inspiration or that teach me lessons on creating counter cultures/how to live beyond survival in a world that sucks the life out of so many folks, especially people in poverty. and in the past 1-2 years i have also started to write on a third theme: my own developing relationship to a more consistent spiritual practice. this journey began 2 years ago when i started to share intentional space with other spiritual women who had been living their practices for anywhere between decades to a few weeks.

what has attracted me to developing my own spiritual practice, is the fact that i grew up in a relatively tight community of believers and i saw many benefits to coming together in community to pray and witness each other through struggles and changes. The difference in my non-religious but spiritual practice i have developed/am developing is the fact that we all come to the table as teachers and students of each others life experiences. There is no leader, although we do have Elders we look to for guidance, and the focus is on each individual discovering our own rituals that can enrich our lives and help us reach our full potential as human beings and as healers. another difference is that it is based on multiple indigenous and women-centered practices, specifically on the power of our menstrual cycles and abilities to birth (whether that be birth children, ideas, re/birth ourselves). the group is composed of women of all walks of life which i also feel really attracted to because often circle and spiritual practices can feel exclusive to one particular type of people.

in these monthly circles we emphasize setting intentions by getting in touch with our deep desires for our lives using methods such as meditation, art, and other crafts making. i won’t go into details about the process we use to get to these exercises but i will mention that all of this is how many of us manifest our goals. the mere fact of being witnessed through this process has been life shifting. as a person who has often sought community in a variety of ways with many different communities through out my adult life, i find that this community is fitting to my intention of bringing together my political values/principles and my spiritual practice. i don’t have to leave one behind at any point. i often find that in social movement work, organizers and activists are asked not to think about Spirit and to narrowly, in my opinion, focus on the “practical” or so called “reality” that often seems so daunting and monstrous to the everyday human being.

if i incorporate my spiritual practice then i feel much more complete and ready for the long haul struggle. i have also found it to be urgent that as spiritual folks/healers/movement makers we more strategically include children and families in conversations about social movements and about spiritual practices. if we are creating new worlds in the now, then children and those of us that take care of children (biologically our own or not is not important) need also to be at the forefront of these conversations. how do we raise new generations of children that will not only continue the work we are doing but push it along further than we could imagine?

so in gratitude for the WCC and their constant efforts to bring communities together i end my first February post here and will continue again soon.





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