the momma to be at 8 months

8 months this week. i couldn’t believe it myself. time has gone by so quickly! i feel myself getting more excited and nervous about the arrival of the babe.

I’ve experienced a variety of emotions lately. today i was sensitive, triggered easily by heterosexist comments that usually i can let slide off my skin with a blink of an eye. not today…i cried easily and felt my self be hurt by the comments. nothing intentional from the other person, i know. still, it stung.

yesterday i felt nervous about the babies arrival. mostly financial worries i know will pass but also thoughts about what to do after the baby is here, at home, with us. i know i will be okay and that whatever i don’t know how to do now, i will learn to do soon enough. my sister reminded me that I’m not alone and that i have community around me to support me. other families to look to for advice, single momma’s who have been doing it on their own for years, queer momma’s who have raised children with multiple partners at different times of the child’s life, all kinds of families, some with money, others with not so much; all this assures me i will be more than okay as i live out my journey as a co-parent to the little one to come.

reaching the 8 month also served as a reality check. this baby is really coming soon. just a couple more months of life with my belly fully stretched, baby learning to survive both inside and outside the womb, growing, weighing more than 3 pounds now, long legged baby.

just writing these words gets me so thrilled, my heart fills with joy, and i can’t help but smile as i imagine the baby getting ready to be birthed.

i took a few photos in the last week of month 7. below they are posted to help document this experience and to share with you.


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