i am writing.

everyday i hand write at minimum 3 pages. then i work on telling myself i CAN write. and i confront fears and negative beliefs that have historically blocked me from writing.

life right now is, gentle. i’ve been working a lot since the year started. paid work i appreciate. but also on my own projects. writing mostly, also the reading i have been wanting to get done about pregnancy and babies; parenting; skimming through 10 memoirs recommended to me by loved ones as i edit my own writing; raising children in ritual and ceremony; and my favorite of this morning, crystal healing-magik.

i am looking forward to next week when i can focus more on my projects and less on the work paid. next week i want to edit those 33 pages that have been waiting for me to touch them since the 1st of this year. i want to edit them for myself more than anything. to show myself that i am committed to writing because i love to do it. every other gain i get from it is secondary. first comes my love for it. need for it. then comes all the other possibilities.

the new morning routine has been useful to me. wake up with d, prepare her lunch, see her off to work. then come back to bed with my journal & pen and write everything that comes to mind. this morning was especially special because i found myself writing a spell of protection for my niece and nephew-that their hearts are protected from de-humanizing beliefs and that they find their own truths.

i caste the spell, bind(ed) it with ancestral light, and will look for the crystals that came to me later today to gift it to them or at minimum place on the altar to hold space for them.

update on the babe: 30 weeks and kicking. mid-wife told me baby is long…almost 3 pounds (big for 30 weeks), healthy child. i am feeling more and more excited about their coming to this world to be with us. i found a doula who came in a pair. i am grateful and excited for all these changes, lessons, and for the messages d and i are getting from the baby about their needs as they transition from the spirit world.


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