stimulating political spaces make me happy

i spent my friday evening with a group of mujeres from the orange and L.A. counties discussing patriarchy in the work place. well that was one of the things we talked about.

in even more general terms we talked about the things we most care about, our struggles at work, home, and personal lives. what sorts of political projects interest us and how we can be a supportive group to each others individual and collective needs, desires, dreams.

with the babe in the belly i could really feel myself feeling whole in ways that i long for. as i become a mother i want to critically and compassionately think about ways that i am going to nurture all parts of me so that as i raise a child i teach them that all of us are multi-faceted, that we are not just one thing but many and that it is important to be whole.

if there is anything i have learned from my mother about what i don’t want in my own journey in motherhood, it is chaotic neglect of certain aspects of my child, whomever they will grow up to be. through her lack of unconditional love towards her own kids and self, i have learned to do the opposite. fed up with how she raises children to be judgmental based on religious beliefs fed to her, i long to raise my child and teach all children who cross my path a different way of being in this world.

the political spaces i co-create have to be inclusive of the mothering i want to do/be. it felt thrilling to me to experience a little bit of that tonight, unexpectedly like many of the beauties of life, but welcome nonetheless.



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