a story to remember

(written for baby on the 29th of december 2012)

your momma leaves early in the morning to go to work.

sometimes she leaves as early as 4:30am and as late as 7:30am.

i usually get up about 20 minutes earlier to make her a breakfast snack and a full lunch to help get her through her day.

your momma is a very hardworking mother. in this way she is like my father, your abuelo Miguel. aside from the early memories of your abuelo drinking a little to much with his amigos outside the city terrace house, the earliest memories i have of my father is of him smelling like vinegar because he worked at El Pato (chili sauce canning company) for most of my life. He too would get up too early to go to work.

both your abuelo Miguel and your Momma are union members. this brings security to the home in many ways. it also means they are (and in turn we are too) members of a long history of worker struggle for a livable life as workers who continue to build this nation and world. i am sure your momma will tell you all about it.

when she leaves i usually eat a morning snack too. something like oatmeal, a hot tea, or pan tostado. last night before bed, i read that at this week (28th) you are a little over 2 1/2 pounds in weight and may be as long as 15 inches. i imagine when i eat, you eat too so i try and make the meals delicious for us to enjoy. your madrina Susy says i’m a wizard in the kitchen, inventing comidas from what we have in the fridge. in that sense i am like my mother, your abuela Carmen, who taught me that a yummy dish doesn’t need to be expensive or too difficult. it’s all in the mind set we cook with, i think/i’m learning.

i have a secret feeling that you might be the glue that my mother and i lost at some point in my early adulthood. i know she is going to fall in love with you. your smile will bring her all the joy in the world. and maybe she will learn that love can conquer all. or so i hope because i do miss her.

when you come into this world in March it will be Spring time. you should have seen your mothers face as she thoroughly read about preparing your garden. she is going to get a plot for you at the local garden so she can plant you all the flowers of the season, plus some food so that you and i eat very well. the flowers she says will bring us magical flying creatures with messages.  humming birds who remind us of about self love and adventure; butterflies that are good omens reminding us to trust our intuition; bees who show us hard work in community brings sweetness to our lives. you will soon learn that your mamita has a thing for gardening. she can grow just about anything successfully. her sunflowers grow taller than houses sometimes with seeds galore to feed many birds of all kinds. you will enjoy this sight. our cats certainly do.


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