week 24

at week 24:

  • i attended a meeting about the next 4 years. what movements we would like to see happen, what movements can support each other better, left me with important questions to share with others not present.
  • i got a short term contract to do trainings and lead some organizing efforts for our latest WIN at TRUST South LA, Master Planing with the community for a new affordable housing complex begins January. Housing is right across the street from the monstrous institution USC, who builds ignoring the community it’s pushing out. This was for that and many other reasons, a BIG win for that community.
  • finished unpacking at the new place. i love how spacious it is. how we can have dance parties in the kitchen, and how ALL our 1,000 books fit in the living room.
  • have begun my reflection 2012 and started dreaming for 2013. goals in mind include a writing workshop, the allied media conference in june, and the facing race conference in november. ambitious, maybe, but exciting.
  • started reading a book on writing. need to get more disciplined. in search of writers who write in the memoir genre. suggestions welcomed.
  • got a call from my brother, said he got his new book i sent, Open Veins of Latin America. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the history between the U.S. and Latin America, foreign relations and policies. Written by Eduardo Galeano, top 3 writers in my list of favorite writers of all times.
  • baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed them with glasses and glasses of milk. thank you WIC. finally i feel like the taxes and money i’ve had stolen from my checks are paying off.
  • read the Kuper’s Report on Mental Health in L.A. Jails for a healthcare practioners against Sherrif Violence meeting later this week. You can find this report at:  http://www.aclu-sc.org/issues/prisoners-rights/jails-project/dr-kupers-report/
  • took some photos to document the growth of the belly, holiday decorating, and cat love happening at the casita.

enjoy photos (i recommend you click on each photo to read each caption more easily):


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