belly pulsing

back expanding

baby growing

21 weeks; 10 inches.

spirit floating in cool ocean waves

spirits meeting.

drives to sage bushes for fire offerings.

legs cramping

skin stretching aching

felt first kick on right side of belly, an inch away from belly button.

words forming; experiences lived.

where do unfinished projects rest?

red yarn on belly of cedar tree,

secrets await to be discovered.

birds fly above

messages being delivered with their presence.

new home soon. me, d, journey, motor, and our bolita (small ball- nickname for the baby inside).

take books, rosemary and lavender plants, succulents, oils, and blankets.

dream with characters of books i love. read more.

boundaries set when needed, fight for loved ones freedom.

return to therapy-land, miss the work.

love deeper, give more. receive with arms wide open. heart is a basket, feel deeper.

green the color of esperanza (hope).

full circle.



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