magic moments

in no particular order:

1. watching d through the kitchen window as she waters and cares for our garden. she has planted okra (ah! so yummy!!!); all kinds of lettuce, chard, arugula, and kale (my favorite- the purple tinted greens); tomatoes (because we live in southern Cali where we can grow anything pretty much all year long); herbs of all types (I use them for medicinal teas like my mother and to season our comida, my favorite these days is my oven baked chicken); squashes (for soups, sooo delicious), and also some chiles.

2. first wake moments after a nights sleep. opening my eyes and seeing my 2 cats, Journey and Motor completely laid out, stretched, and in deep sleep. i tell them they will have to share me soon, they are not too into the idea but we are working it out.

3. walking down 4th street in LB with my sister looking for treasures in the many thrift shops found. she bought the baby their first gift yesterday. the cutest open front knit sweater, white with some BRIGHT red in the front and sleeves ❤

4. having the time to think and talk through a documentation project i have in mind. my sister is an amazing coach, i think she needs to start her own coaching business 😀 or something…we need to hit the jackpot somehow…our wheels are turning…

5. finding what i need, right in front of me, at the perfect moment. objects for my medicine bag, a book needing to be read, money (always a great thing), a cool breeze carrying messages. being open to all of it, trusting what i feel, see, hear.

6. meditation during our moon ceremony this weekend. got 3 clear messages. One, go camping and instructions on what to do once i am there in order to receive the gift waiting for me. Two, ancestors letting me know to release shame from my being, it is not needed.  Three, also got messages on my own mothering abilities, all reassuring 😀

7. learning that 7 is my lucky number these days and that the Coyote is the animal spirit-totem of the spirit that grows inside me. more on this a su tiempo.


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