surprise visits

as usual the cats and i slept in a little longer than expected.

9:30am, 6 text messages, 3 missed calls.

i notice how gentle i am with myself. don’t rush out of bed.

eventually i tell the cats it’s time to get up. they unmoved by my words, remain sleeping.

i get up, do the bed, and get to the bathroom to wash up.

i begin to respond to text messages.

as i prepare breakfast and look over my to-do list for the day, my friend lets me know she is on her way.

nice surprise. haven’t seen her in a month or more. i look out my window and notice another friend is working on the backyard. cleaning up for tomorrows ceremony.

my heart happy for the visits. we engage in meaningful conversations about gentleness to self. we share stories of times we have not been so kind to the self that carries our spirit.

witness ourselves and each other. an hour later 2 of us go for a walk near the beach. beautiful day. warm, sunny, with a chill wind. the walk much needed.

as quickly as i can feel isolated one minute the next moment i can be visited by friends or sister. i love it. i love these relationships i have chosen and who have chosen me.

i lit candles tonight as i get ready for bed. talked to the fire. thought about the water i will share with the other mujeres tomorrow. busy day with meetings, a park day in south central where we want our park, and then ceremony. this weekend, san diego with my sister, again. we decided to make yummy food and talk about a new project she has in mind. this i love too. i want to savor every moment of this life right now.

and be so appreciative.



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