documentation of self

listening to Her Space Holiday Pandora (the favorite of the week) i started to think about my writing. where it has been, how i started this blog and why, and where i would like my writing to develop and take me to.

i notice that these days i write autobiography for the purpose of documenting my own life. i take notes on the smallest of details like the things i like to eat, the music I’m listening to, and the belly that is growing. details that don’t really matter to anyone but me. yet, i have a longing to document it all on the public blog. not really sure why.

maybe one day i will take my writing to where i dream of taking it to. i know i have writing goals for the coming year. workshops i will apply to so that one day i can maybe do a writing residency somewhere in a beautiful desert or oceanside.

or maybe my writing is simply meant to document simple details of my life, and that is what matters. no matter what, I’m grateful for the journey she’s taken me on.

❤ Sleepy Tigers-


One thought on “documentation of self

  1. I feel the same way. I began my blog as a means to vent, but it has developed into a story of my life. It’s beautiful to see our own evolution through writing.

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