17 weeks, 3 days


I spent my weekend at the border of Mexico and San Diego. I was/am filled with politicized emotions, trying to make sense of realities, and navigating through the complex injustices.

And through all of that, we ran into a Dia de L@s Muertos Celebration at Mercado Hidalgo in Tijuana. I was immediately inspired by all the colors, music, and smells of the Mercado. Y por algunos momentos, the rich traditions of Mexican@s took over all my thoughts. It was a relief from the politics of the poverty and criminality that surrounds the border.

my sister got off the car and in her usual style took off looking for specific cositas she misses from her beloved Oaxaca. nothing like the mercados she is used to in Oaxaca, she savored every moment there anyway for the simple fact she was OUTSIDE the U.S.

as she ran around looking for things for her Day Of The Dead altar, I went crazy taking photos- semi feeling like a big American Tourist with her camera out. not caring much about how i looked, i enjoyed myself.

today Monday, I have spent wrapping my head around the prison industrial complex and the impacts it has on people both on the inside and outside. i enjoy that i choose what my days look like for me. and that my days are slower, my friendships deeper, my political and spiritual work are a process i’m greatly appreciating. and i’m fixing that music is the sweetest companion to my quiet days at the community house.

today i am 17 weeks, 3 days into my pregnancy. when i lay down, i try and find my baby who is a hard little lump usually laying on the right side of my belly, an inch away from my belly button. i enjoy vanilla yogurt, eggs, sour dough bread with lots of butter, kale salads made in so many different ways, and unfiltered apple juice.

my baby’s middle name has been chosen. gender neutral, spirit name. first name probably won’t get chosen until i meet the little one, mid to late March. An aries baby. another fire sign, like me.



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