home & at 3 months

at 3 months my favorite food to eat for breakfast are those little white buns filled with pork that i enjoy at dim sum restaurants. i eat 2 daily before i head off to work. i miss coffee a ton so i drink half a cup once a week. i also enjoy a lot of GREENS. cooked and raw.

i no longer fit into my pants. so my favorite thing to wear are pregnant lady leggings with cute tops that hug my belly.

my favorite thing to do is spend time with my sister, my niece and nephew, f and her lil-growing fast A, and other loved ones, lay down after a days work, get in the ocean water as much as possible, talk to my cats, read my favorite blogs, and do lots of laughing.

at 3 months the nauseousness has reduced significantly. for this i am grateful, mostly because it is nice to have my taste buds back.

here are a few photos i have taken in the last month. click on a photo to see the gallery.




2 thoughts on “home & at 3 months

  1. Marguerite

    You look absolutely amazing and happy. Seeing your smile makes me smile. You’re through the first leg of the wondrous thing called pregnancy. Congratulations. We need to Skype soon… before our Gotito comes into the world and steals my breath away. Love you.

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