“let yourself become living poetry”

a quote from Rumi on a soul lovers twitter prompted me to write tonight.

with a double full moon this month, each moon looking full for 3 days…what a blessing we have, time to set intentions and make magic.

let myself become living poetry…

h’m…makes me think about the poetry that lives within me that has been showing its face in the past 2 months. the poetry that is growing inside me, forming like a baby in my womb.

this poetry was conceived at the peek of my creativity, during long 11 hour days of art making and creating…this poetry was made during the largest manifestation i have ever attended (50,000+) during the peoples summit in Rio de Janeiro, in midst of my own recreating what art means to me…and what type of artist i am…birthing myself, this poetry came along with me.

i feel ready to come home, to Los Angeles, the city that has my heart…for better or for worse…i’m committed to its people and the struggles we are living and fighting there…so common to so many peoples struggles all around the world…like here in Brasil…yes, there are differences but there is so much of the same too. the poverty, the neglect of specific communities, lands, and spaces. i’m ready to go home and be with my people, creating art from the depths of our visions, and most importantly blasting these visions in all possible forms and places. so that no one will go about their days ignorant of what they already know is happening. a new world is in the making…this poetry that lives within me is stirring up new visions. and for that i’m forever grateful.

so as i let myself be living poetry, i learn new things about myself. i see the world with a lighter light. and mostly, i find a better balance between the spirit and the material realms. like the eagle who lives high up above, near the heavens while intimately living amongst the earth as well. that is the goal.


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