i’ve been quiet on this blog. i’ve wanted to come here and process, tell you all about the training I’m doing, about what i see here in Rio de Janeiro, the new things I eat, the way this city feels so much like Los Angeles.

my days are filled with movement and creativity. a new kind…here I’m learning to de-mechanize my body in order to get in touch with what Audre Lorde calls my erotic and where Theatre of the Oppressed Curingas (Jokers/facilitators) call creativity, where my intuition lives, where playfulness and new worlds are nurtured, a new sense of liberade* is experienced.

I’ve been participating in theatre of the oppressed workshops for 2 months now. its been such a blessing, especially because they have helped to break open the shell called, “guadalupe’s body”…

today i even sang in front of the class. i couldn’t believe it. i was in awe of my own development. maybe for some people it is normal to sing or dance or even move in not-so mundane ways in front of people…but for me its a foreign concept that feels weird. to make rhythms with my body…it’s taken me a while to get used to. slowly the “weirdness” i feel is deconstructing and becoming less important, quieting.

here are a few pieces of writing that I’ve done in the workshops. the first is writing i created with the prompt, “Personal Declaration” and the second piece of writing is after being prompted by the concept of “Oppression.”



Mas que nada soy un espíritu visitante a este mundo material.

Este cuerpo que ven, es prestado, no me pertenece.

Aun si, sabiendo muy bien que este cuerpo no es mío, aveces me confundo y le pongo demasiada atención y olvido que

soy espíritu.

En momentos de silencio me acuerdo que mis pies son alas, que alrededor de mi cabeza hay un “halo” como el del planeta Saturno.

Y mi espíritu vive flotando entre mi corazón y mi vientre.

En estos momentos de silencio es cuando me siento mas completa.



Se siente como el vomito después de comer pescado viejo, pasado,

no te lo comas.

Al masticar y tragar cada pedazo de pez, tu estomago empieza a sentirse mal,

tu cuerpo- frío y caliente a la misma vez,

tu saliva empieza a llenar tu boca, tu cabeza mareada…

algunos momentos pasan…

y PAS!

todo se viene…

desde tu estomago, pasando tu garganta, boca, y




(*liberade- Liberation)


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