news from down south :D

what i’ve learned so far:

i think what has been most reinforced during this trip is a refreshed love for theatre of the oppressed. i’ve decided to commit myself to training as a Curinga. i’ve struggled with this decision for 2 years now. i think in part because my background is in liberation psychology and for a lil bit i was feeling like TO conflicted with some of my core values. but I’ve had some time to think through how TO actually really compliments the work i want to do…not only does it compliment actually opens up possibilities in ways that i really appreciate and want to open up spaces for conscientizacion to happen. at its core TO is about possibility.

to work in settings that open up possibility for people to see themselves as creators of their own art…life.

i could go on forever but I’m so tired. its been a long 2 weeks. so much balancing I’ve needed to do for myself, others, this job, all my crazy emotions that hadn’t let me rest until just a few days ago when i finally took a day off, beaded, and took naps off and on all day.

the news of this post has been shared…more soon….i hope…its been hard to sit down and be quiet enough to write.




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