i leave for Rio de Janeiro in a week. i’m as excited as i am nervous.

i LOVE traveling. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! and…

it is also so hard for me to leave my community, family, d, and the cats, our home, Q and the mujeres from ceremony.

i know i will get on that plane, in tears but i will do it.

this weekend was magical. went camping with d, a thank you for being such an amazing mujer in my life. strong, courageous, a true Warrior. she challenges me in ways i need to be challenged and she soothes my aches and pains with such care, transparency, and consistency. she is what i call, the shit. we reached 3 years last month. 3 years of struggling through so much change…and financial instability, moved 3 times, together, apart, and back together in our magical communal house in the LB. she’s accepted me as i come. and believe me, i can be a hand full. with my shifting ideas, emotions, plans, and needs. she is a rock with deep roots and wings of a gaviota that travel from port to port as she pleases. our camping trip was exactly what we each needed individually and as a pair.

we give each other soooo much space to BREATHE and live, and grow. and as the years pass, we learn how to bring our dreams together in ways that enhance, lift, and make magic come true. that, this all of this love that i am surrounded by (with d and so many others in my life) is exactly what i need and dream of when i think of how i want to live my life. the politics we push forward with such urgency, patience, care, thoughtfulness, and fired passion elevates me…gives me eagles wings to fly with.

deep breathe, i am so grateful.

the memories that fall like water from the sky, unexpected and sometimes even unwanted, still come. and i remind myself of my wings and the lake within my belly that i can and do call upon to remind me of my power, of the changes in my life that have brought me to where i am today, FULLY AWAKE. and i am learning still..so much to learn.

i know now, more than ever, that our bodies can heal themselves, we can use the resources around us as tools, but we have what we need inside of us to heal our wounds. the wounds we carry from past lives, from this one, and the hurt we witness around us.

so much more to share, but for now, that’s it! i have to get back to work…i have a long “to-do” list before i can get on that plane!

bjos* (kisses- 1 of 10 words i know in portuguese…ah!)


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