it’s what we do

it’s what we do..get our folks out of the PIC (prison industrial complex)…try our hardest to save them from being eaten by the systems that cause depression, anxiety, drug addiction, numbness, a feeling of “just gotta maintain”….problems with those we love.

“sometimes we feel numb…and out of words.

the ones we try and save…they are so young, the system, it takes all of you…the opportunity, lack of choice, linear tunnel.”

and we keep fighting, struggling. we throw rocks at the wolf trying to eat at our feet.

and then there are others of us that are eaten. not by the PIC but by other institutions and belief systems that pin us against each other, create false lies within us about what we are to do or be in this lifetime. we are lied to and we swallow the lies, many of us knowing better than to swallow. we still do. and those of us who witness, hurt, ache and pain at all parts of our body because we know that things can be different, better for those whom we love.

our hands feel tied, our mouths taped up, only our eyes and ears can see and hear everything that is happening. our limbs, our lungs want to scream for help, STOP. and yet it feels like our hands are tied, our mouths taped up.

and we continue doing what we do. we may cry, let the tears wash the injustices of the world, let the water renew us, prepare us for more, release. we pick ourselves up because there is more to do and it’s the only thing we know how to do…to keep doing what we do and in the midst of it all, community is created. even if we can’t always be there for each other during the happy times, we sure show up when shit hits the fan. and life rolls on. we collect more smiles and love for the journey. we learn to love and long for with out asking for anything in return…knowing we are taken care of by the earth we stand on, the air we breathe, the water within us, and the fire that ignites our passions.

gotta save our people’s. gotta start with ourselves. gotta keep moving, demanding more outta this life. we were born to birth joy. and joy we birth at all times, through the struggle, and beyond the struggle.

if you forget your loved, re-member…we are loved. there is a lineage that came before us of warriors just like us. may we learn from them and fight that much harder thinking of them.

don’t let our brothers, sisters, mothers, children, fathers, friends, lovers, universe be eaten by man-made systems that are weaker than mother earth herself. she’s been here long enough to know we are passing. she’s here to stay.

the hurt cements, but even through cement, we find cracks where flowers grow. she’s doing what she’s gotta do. just like us.


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