healing recipes

1. heart-fulls of LOVE, unconditional love, given and received.

2. a tablespoon (or 2, 3) of molasses, to remind us that although life/love has its ups and downs, the struggles, the hard parts do pass, will pass. and that life is sweet, filled with joy, and softness.

3. an infinite amount of respect for our individual selves, our needs and space taken as we process, heal, re-learn to love better, fuller.

4. handfuls of compassionate curiosity towards ourselves and others. ask questions from a loving, committed space.

5. 3 teaspoons of vinegar, yes vinegar. grandpa says it cleanses our system, our bodies. clears space for new-ness.

6. infinite plus 1 amounts of warm embraces. life is hard, why not hold hands while we stubble…i mean, struggle through it?

7. showers of laughter and smiles. keep and create memories of these moments close to the heart.


am grateful for so much this morning. cycles, circles, spirals. return to oneself. remembering what we already know. expanding our capacity to hold space for all of ourselves and others-selves.

the work with the youth is filling me up with questions, life, joy, strength, commitment. so so so grateful for my team who holds me through the hard times in this work of holding others through their hardships. so much love everywhere. so much more powerful than any violent happening, system, repression. nothing is as strong as the love we have for each other, the commitment we have to create a better world, now.




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