“By healing, you resist oppression.” -Emad Burnat

Note: this entry is from last week, during the moon cycle pain writing i did a few posts ago…it’s sort of a continuance of that writing and also a blog entry all on its own because of its intention setting. i was moved to post it now because one of my heart-hermanas and i had a text conversation today about this very topic and it feels important to share with you here. if you would like more context for this post, you can read “part 1” here.

after the purge i felt my body calm down and i was relieved of some of the pain too.

so much came up for me when i was in pain. conversations with 4 of my heart-sisters came to mind. all 4 of them have been/or are in the process of figuring out how to let go/release in their own ways the trauma their beautiful temple bodies carry.

i am realizing more and more that WE are in major need of self care/OUR CARE (routines and life styles) that are loving and inclusive of the politics that we believe in and seek to live out. OUR CARE where our community isn’t so depleted that we can’t take care of each other because we ourselves are so exhausted. OUR CARE where the priority is the well being of ALL of our selves and our surroundings/environment/neighborhood/city/world/universe.

I’m calling forth a shift in how we do community health and community organizing to be inclusive of our spirits, hearts, minds, and bodies. i refuse to feel too exhausted to take care of my loved ones. i refuse to partake in work that sucks the life out of me while paying me way under what i am “worth” in this false american nightmare/dream of a society. i refuse to not take care of me because i am trying desperately to put bandaids on the worlds wounds. no more bandaids, we need real change.

it feels SO GOOD to say that. our moon ceremony is this coming weekend, i know exactly what intentions i will be setting 😀

some fun and random inspiration that makes me laugh and cry at our human resiliency and creativity 😀 enjoy!





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