music from the “life beyond survival” cd 1

before, during, and after the moon ceremony this past weekend (the ceremony feels as if it lasted through out the weekend and into monday and tuesday) it became so apparent to me that everything in my life is new, even the old and continuing things in my life are new. the sadness, the melancholy, the gratitude, the love, the relationships, the memories of relationships, all of it is still here, and renewed. i feel lighter in this human body borrowed.

there is more to forgive and more to be forgiven for. more to give and receive. and so much more to learn and share. i hope to get to some reflection sharing on the ceremony sometime this week. april is a very busy time at work as i help students prepare for their theatre in community presentations. and i’m back on at yjc as full time as i possibly can given my work schedule. so if i don’t get to it now, maybe i will after the busy-ness wears off next month.

i’ve been compiling music that documents this time in my life. below are 3 songs from that series.

enjoy the mexican in me, plus the lovely Tracy Chapman.



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