in response to La Maga’s post on joy and sorrow

(in response to La Maga’s post on joy and sorrow)

he says that one cannot have joy with out sorrow and sorrow with out joy.

i think about my places of sorrow…

and lo and behold, they are connected to my places of joy.

what hurts the most is the knowing that we (the human race) can live much happier and healthier lives than we currently do. we are capable of experiencing so much more joy. the knowing that we can and don’t brings waves of sorrow to my heart.

my heart-

i think of you everyday, near every other hour, sometimes more. you are the treasure keeper. the one who holds my sorrow and joy. without you, i don’t know my path. if i don’t have my heart, i don’t know what i have. i feel like i’m walking on a labrynth with no end and no beginning.

my heart-

if you read this, know that i honor your place in my life. know that i very well know that you are the hostess of the deepest of my joys and sorrows.

listen, listen closely to my heart of hearts. the answers are there…here.



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