esta es tu casa

i found myself just yelling at my cat, my giant dinosaur baby cat, “esta es tu casa!”

“this is your house!”

she’s been hiding under the house all morning long. i got so worried she’d get eaten by underground monsters that i stood by the crack she wiggled through, calling her, shaking food in her cup, and finally just burst into tears.

she poked her head out and i said, “come on, vente, vente para aca…esta es tu casa!”

she wiggled herself out of the tiny hole and cried a loud cry as she came to rub herself at my legs.

esta gata is dirving me crazy. she has a pata libre…meaning,  she loves to be outside. but right now since she doesn’t recognize the sounds of the new house, she just runs every time she hears someones voice or a car or frankly, ANYTHING.

my other cat, Journey, she’s a little bit more calm, has been through many moves with me and if she gets frightened she runs into the closet where she has made her little home in a dark corner.

i’m not done with the cleaning and organizing of my room. it’s taken me days, longer than i wanted it to take me to get my new space together. so today i am spending the day here again, in attempts to make home in my new home. i decided i should fill my room with the roses from the garden. burn some sage, make my bed, and imagine what color i want the room to get painted.

the tears brought me to my writing. i woke up with sorrow next to my pillow and as usual one of the first things i do in the morning, often from my bed, is check to see if my favorite writers blogged since the morning before. La Maga had written and shared a poem called “on sorrow and joy’ by kahlil gibran. i loved the poem. i even wrote a response to her post that maybe i will share later today during another break from the cleaning.

there’s going to be a wedding at my house this weekend. i won’t be here to celebrate but i am helping to prepare the house. how exciting for two people to be sharing vows in a beautiful home like this one. i may have made this part up but i believe that the couple met here and that is why they’d like to marry here. the last wedding i helped prepare for was my sisters wedding in Oaxaca. that was so much fun 🙂 big parties in general are fun i think. i love finding excuses to celebrate great happenings in our lives or even small things we can celebrate just to say we celebrated.

my break is almost over but i want to share good news 🙂 i just received in the mail the book i have been waiting for, “in the realm of hungry ghosts” by Gabor Mate, MD. it is a book on addiction in a a capitalist society. i am very much looking forward to learning what he has to say. im hoping its applicable to my work/life 🙂

more soon.



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