imaginal cells

as i read in preparation for our spring equinox celebration tonight, i learned that caterpillars have something called, imaginal cells. cells that can imagine becoming a butterfly, who eventually transform the caterpillar into a winged beauty.

what a beautiful fact. i like to think that human beings also have imaginal cells. cells that imagine ourselves into our full potentials, balanced, and walking in our individual gifts. cells that help us imagine a world free of all violence.

this spring i welcome balance into my life. the migraine of the last 2 days reminded me (as did arbolit@ in our convo today) “your stubbornness is a blessing and a curse. its what drives you to be able to move mountains, make magic happen, and love so hard and if not checked or balanced it induces physical. spiritual. and emotional off balance”…

yes, so i am THANKFUL for my stubbornness that got me through last week as i very calmly tried to collect a lot of money for my brothers lawyer (we reached our goal and i was able to hire him!); got me through yet another youth killing in our yjc community; heartbreak from a month ago that i’m carrying, not sure what to do about…& so much more…i am also aware that i need to reach out for help more often and not just keep saying, “i’m okay” when people ask me how i’m doing.

what does balance look like?

staying committed to my own self care routines that include, getting enough rest, eating well, visits to my Buddhist cowboy therapist, touching the earth (this includes planting and growing my own foods), visits to the ocean, and visits with my heart-friends.

happy Spring 🙂

more soon.



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